Sistema de Gestion de Talleres


An effective solution for workshop management



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Sistema de Gestión de Talleres (Workshop Management System) is a program developed over several years by the company Soluciones Digitales for simple and effective management of any workshop.

Tested over several years by real companies, the application guarantees exhaustive control and tracking of jobs in the shop.

The program allows you to control all jobs carried out by employees, and create entrance and exit documents for vehicles and all kinds of other jobs with different details dealing with the work done and the materials used.

It also includes a job planner and a contact book.

Improvements in the presentation of the merchandise invoices.
Simplified workload.
The current client account will automatically refresh after printing a merchandise delivery notice.


The trial version can be used 100 times. You can request an extension for an additional 60 days. Otherwise, it is completely functional.

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